Rainy Season, Winter is around the corner.

One of the biggest miss conception I hear fairly often in Oregon is: “Why should I have my car detailed when it is going to rain for months? I’ll just wait until spring time.”

The worst the weather the more need for protection,

The truth is, that with all that rain coming down, your paint is fighting a losing battle if it isn’t protected with at least a carnauba wax or a synthetic sealant. The problem however with these two traditional products is ┬ádurability. Our harsh elements are very hard on waxes and sealants and because of that, durability suffers. So if you had your car detailed by your favorite detail shop earlier in the year, chances are, that there is very little protection remaining on the paint, if any. If you are one of those, who love to add a layer of fresh wax every couple of weeks, you are OK (theoretically)

What customers don’t realize, is that most run of the mill detail shops use inferior products – especially when it comes to protection. You are lucky to get a couple of months. Add in dark colors and in summer months that means even less durability. Next time you wash your car, take a good look at your finish and see if it looks like a freshly detailed car. If it doesn’t, it is time to do something about it. Time to get another detail and spend more money. Unless of course you don’t mind driving a less than shiny car.

The good new is, that with the latest inventions in car care, you can not only protect your paint permanently/in like new condition as long as you own your vehicle, but you can do that with very little maintenance.


The answer is OPTI COAT. Have your car cleaned up once and for all, for the last time and just enjoy your car. There is no better time to protect your car’s paint than right now.


Call for a free consultation to get the best permanent shine possible.

website example after opti coat bmw 528