2008 Mazda is done

Day 2 took me from 10am until 7:30pm This paint was one of the most inconsistant I’ve ever worked on. Paint readings were between 59microns – 659microns. Pictures will be posted in a few days on Autopia and on some other detailing boards.  

That Range Rover Detail

Took 28 hours to complete over 3 days. I have some pretty good before and after shots, still need to post them.   Here is how a 12 months old paint will look from lots of automated car washes Half of the door is done aka 50/50 After Correction The car after all those hours (3 days) […]

2008 Mazda RX8 correction detail

The car was dropped off Tuesday night at Luxe. Wednesday I traveled to Eugene so today was the first opportunity to start on it. I decided to get the interior out of the way and after about 3.5 hours it was done. I still need to clean the windows but I like doing that at […]