Opti Coat info on the net

I just googled “Opti Coat Portland” to see what would come up. Sure enough, I came up in the top 3 spots. The noticed another detailing outfit, who also offers Opti Coat details in the Portland Oregon area. I clicked on their site and started reading their Q&A section about Opti Coat. Seems like, this company is nothing but a “middle man” outsourcing work throughout the country. Pretty smart idea, but as a consumer, (knowing what I know about this industry), you should really do your homework before hiring the detailer. ┬áThe question is: who is doing the work for you? Opti Coat is not something you can just apply like a traditional wax or sealant. The detailer needs to be aware of the precautions that come with Opti Coat. If you read some of their answers to their own questions, it is obvious that they are not very familiar with the product. Imagine then, how capable “detail shop” doing the work is. There are 2 versions of the product as well. Opti Coat 2.0 and Opti Coat Pro. The pro version is only available to select professional detailers. A detail shop can’t just order the pro version. So they are stock with the consumer product. OC 2.0 is still better than anything else out there, but the pro version provides a much thicker layer. In a word it is superior to 2.0