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2014 Mercedes Benz CLA 250 Detail With Opti Coat


My wife and I are more than pleased with all aspects of your work.  From initial contact through follow-up, you have been a pleasure to deal with.  You are obviously knowledgeable and conducted yourself in a very professional manner.  The results of your efforts on her universe blue M-B CLA 250 are outstanding.  The deep luster really brings out the gorgeous color and the increased paint protection is an added benefit.  The vehicle literally looks better than when it was new.  It is no surprise that you, and your work, are highly recommended by so many others. We will be recommending you to anyone/everyone we know that inquires/comments about her car.

2014 Audi S6 New Car Prep With Opti Coat


From the first moment I contacted Thomas he has set the standard when it comes to the art and science of auto detailing. I told him that my special order Audi was inbound and wanted to set up a post delivery detail and Opticoat. He was very informative in telling me how to avoid the dealer placed imperfections into the finish (saving me several hundred in paint correction services). He spent all day perfecting the factory finish. It is truly amazing to see the car now. The finish is now flawless. His attention to detail is exquisite. After spending all day on the car, Thomas took the time to educate me on how to maintain this look for the long term myself, basically telling me that if I followed his instructions I’ll never have to see him again. He is a consummate professional and worth every penny.

2010 Volvo V70 – Opti Coat Detail


“Thomas did a fantastic job on my wife’s Volvo R-Design. The 3 year old paint is much nicer than new showroom condition, and the Opti-Coat application should help is keep this way. The depth of the gloss on our Volvo R-Design is now amazing. You can see the reflections in this photo where they show up better than the reflections in the glass windows.”

2014 Scion FR-S – Opti Coat Detail


Tom was patient, informative, and thorough; I wish that everyone who called themselves a professional cared for their work as Tom does. He is meticulous, talented, accommodating, and kind. Tom spent 9 hours of careful detailing, and opti-coating my car; he did not skip a step, cut any corners, rush, or do anything less than a perfect job. I knew that my car’s paint was in better condition than the day I drove it off the lot at the dealership. Tom truly is an artist in regards to his detailing work, and I do not hesitate to call him the best detailer.  After working with Tom, I can’t imagine letting anyone else detail my vehicle, and if he lived hours away I wouldn’t think twice about having to make the drive out to him – my only regret with Tom is not having found him sooner.”

2011 BMW 335 M Sport – Opti Coat Detail



“My car had swirl marks in the paint that the dealer caused while trying to buff and wax the car. It also had some etching in the clear coat that you can see  especially in the sun light. After many hours of research online I became aware of paint correction and aftermarket coatings. I also found that Thomas Dekany’s name came up in many of the forums I was reading and he happened to live very near Portland. I shot him an email and we setup a meeting to discuss what he could do for my car. He was very honest and upfront and honest about what he could do. We decided on a two step paint correction and Opticoat. He had my car for a couple days to complete his work. When I picked up the car I was truly blown away. The car looked beautiful, A deep rich shine that looked better than a new car! Thomas is a true master of his art and his time is well worth the money. He completed the work on my car 4 months ago and it looks as if he did it yesterday. My car is also much easier to wash and keep clean.
John I.

2010 BMW M6 – Opti COat Detail


” I stumbled across Thomas Dekany by accident on the M6 forum board online.  There was a guy who had his car detailed and had posted the before and after pictures which were amazing, his car was the same black as mine.  I commented I wished his detailer was close to Portland as I would love to have the same done to my 2010 M6.  Ironically Thomas actually taught this guy how to detail cars back in Virginia, he told me I had the best detailer in the country right in my backyard.  I phoned Thomas and knew within minutes he was not your average detailer, I could sense how precise he was about his craft right off the bat.  He performed a full paint correction and finished with Opticoat, the results were spectacular.  I would have never believed how much of a difference there could be in my cars appearance.  The best thing about this is the coating is permanent, I never have to wax my car again.  Every time it is washed it looks freshly waxed.  I was so impressed with how the M6 turned out I had Thomas do my wife’s Acura.  This car had hard water spots all over it from our irrigation system, it took him almost four days to remove them all.  Again an amazing transformation, the car looks brand new.  I highly recommend Thomas to anyone, he is polite, respectful, honest, and is a pleasure to work with.”

2013 Porsche 911 – Opti Coat Detail


“Thomas is a very professional detailer.  I ordered the new car preparation package which included the opti-coat.  The results were impressive and it was all done in my own garage!  Being a new car, I thought the finish was good already, but Thomas was able to enhanced the finish to another level by giving the paint a beautiful slick and wet look.  I recommend him to anyone looking for a no hassle and professional detail!”

2002 BMW Z3 – Opti Coat Detail


“I did a lot of research about opti-coat pro and paint restoration after I bought my used 2002 BMW Z3. It was a 12 year old car and the paint had a lot of minor scratches all over. After checking out a handful of local businesses, I found Thomas’s website. After talking with him the first time, I felt assured that I was putting my car into good hands. Not only did he exceed my expectations with making my twelve year old car look like it was brand new, but he was very kind and informative through every step of the process. He did an amazing job removing damage to my clear coat and also in applying opti-coat pro. For the last few weeks, I’ve been able to easily rinse off dirt and bird poop with a waterhose. After a quick rinse, it still looks super shiny, just like it had been freshly waxed. I keep getting compliments about how much I must wax my car, when really it’s the opti-coat pro. Thomas did an amazing job and I would recommend him to everyone!”

Honda S2000 – Opti Coat DetailOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thomas is the only person I would trust to touch my vehicle.  I don’t refer to Thomas as a detailer…I call him an artist.  He is a true professional, and expert in his field.  Speak with him for five minutes, and you will understand. He is quietly confident, and I truly appreciate it.  If he cannot do something for you, he will cut straight to the point and tell you no.  He will not try to make a few extra dollars by doing something that he feels his is not the best in the business at doing.  People looking to have Thomas work on their vehicle are more than likely very particular, and it is comforting to know that your vehicle is in good hands and when he is finished there will be no surprises.  Things like affordability and mobility are farther down the list when it comes to the paint of your $80,000 automobile, but Thomas is BOTH!  If I ever moved away from the PNW, I would seriously have to consider my options and how feasible it would be for Thomas to work on my cars.  Thanks again, Thomas.

2013 Audi RS5 – Opti Coat Detail


“I found Thomas online via his website. After reading a number of reviews, we arranged to meet. He took time away from his vacation to review my car. My BRAND NEW AUDI RS5 had paint flaws that Thomas fully corrected and sealed with Opticoat. All I can say about Thomas’s work is that it is SIMPLY STUNNING. I change high end cars quite often and have never had one look this good. I will certainly look him up for any future purchases for that perfect look I was pursuing. After meeting Thomas and having him do my car, I had him back to do my wife’s SUV. Again, with a great result. We consider Thomas a friend now and feel fortunate to have met such a high caliber person and performer. ”

2013 Chevy Camaro – Opti Coat Detail

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “To all serious car guys.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Thomas Dekany paint correction specialist. This guy is hands down, without exception the best detailer you will ever run across and there is no second place. Not only is his work amazing but he is honest, polite and professional if that wasn’t enough his prices are very fair!
My ride is a 2013 2ss 1LE 500 hp Camaro painted in Crystal Red Tintcoat  I am constantly asked who did the custom paint job I tell them it’s not custom paint it’s Thomas Dekany. Be sure to have the opticoat applied it is well worth the money.
Remember no matter how cool your car looks it’s just another car until Thomas works his magic on it.
Joe J. “
2013 BMW X5 – Opti Coat Detail
“Thomas recently detailed and applied Opticoat to my brand new BMW X5.  Thomas arrived on time, conducted himself in a professional and knowledgeable manner yet was pleasant and engaging in explaining what he was going to do as well as how to properly take care of the finish of the car once he completed his treatment.  The result was that my Vermillion red metallic finish looked better than it did when I accepted delivery from the dealer.
I highly recommend Thomas if you care about your car’s finish.  He is a true professional and I will use him anytime I buy a new car.”
2011 BMW 550 – Opti Coat Detail
“The world needs to know about Thomas! I have a BMW F10 550 M sport in Dark Graphite Metallic and it was overdue for a high quality detail. As I looked into different options, I came across a BMW blog where somebody had hired Thomas Dekany to apply Opticoat on their vehicle. I was impressed w/ the results so I moved forward.
Thomas was able to remove most of the swirl marks and challenges on the paint that were not even that visible. Once he applied the Opticoat, the car just shined. Paint looks and feels better than a brand new car w/ zero miles! Even past the amazing product and finish, it’s Thomas’ dedication that impressed me. He arrived at my home at 930am and did not leave till 12:45am that night. He was all in to make my car incredible. The pictures can speak for them selves. I would highly recommend Thomas Dekany and will hire him again for the next vehicle.”

2014 Ford Escape/Ford C Max – Opti Coat Detail

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “Thomas, just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful look of both cars.  After you left, my wife went in the garage and said that the Escape was like looking in a mirror.  Today in the sunlight WOW.  What more can I say.  Thanks for a truly amazing experience, see you the next time I change cars.  Gary”

2008 Mazda RX8

Thanks for such a wonderful job on my car – you truly are an artist and a perfectionist and I am so fortunate to live in the same area. I am amazed at what you have done with both the interior and exterior and am relieved to see the leather in such great condition, I’ll be sure to keep it that way. Best regards, Brian”

2009  BMW M3 Thomas;

“I just arrived home to find one of the most stunning cars I have EVER seen!  You are a magician and a talented artist indeed.  The work here has been worth every penny. Thank you so much for a wonderful job! I have several interested people who would like to contact you – is it O.K. for me to forward your contact information? I will talk to you soon. Thanks again!!!!”

2003 Corvette

“I truly am at a loss for words. I am sure this car looks better than it did brand new. Thomas is the definition of the consumate professional. You can tell the love he has for his work by his attention to detail and his drive for perfection. His knowledge of paint correction is phenomenal as evidenced by his completed work. I can, without a doubt, HIGHLY recommend Thomas. Thomas, THANK YOU so much!; Now that the “WOW factor” has passed with my car, I must admit to call Thomas a detailer is doing him an injustice. He truly is as he advertises, a paint correction specialist.”