What is new for 2013???

Another year went by, and  went by pretty fast, now that I think about it. The reason was I believe is, me taking a job with 3D International, a manufacturer of detailing products. I started on May 15th, and for the next 5 months, I set in front of the computer screen for at least 8 hours a day. At first it felt very different – way more stressful than detailing. After a while, I guess I got used to it, but then, after an 8 hour “shift, I still took on bigger paint correction or new car prep/Opti Coat jobs. I am back to detailing full time, and I am pretty happy about that. 

2012 brought the professional detailing community a number of ground braking detailing products. I am now using a few of them – because of these new products I am using, I am able to reduce the time I have to compound when I am paint correcting. That benefits my customers a great deal as well, because of the money I am able to save them.

I much prefer a “wet” look, over a shiny finish, and my new favorite finishing polish delivers. Light or dark I am creating a fantastic looking finish.

So what about 2013??? While I feel that the changes I am making are the right ones, time will tell.

As of January 1st 2013, I am offering either a PERMANENT  COATING or SEMI PERMANENT COATING as your choice for paint protection. No more traditional waxes or sealants.

Imagine the difference – would you prefer to have to reapply some type of protection every 2 or few months, or every couple of years, or if you go with a permanent coating, you will never have to wax your car again? 


The technology is here today, why not benefit from it?