2008 Mazda RX8 correction detail

The car was dropped off Tuesday night at Luxe.
Wednesday I traveled to Eugene so today was the first opportunity to start on it.
I decided to get the interior out of the way and after about 3.5 hours it was done.
I still need to clean the windows but I like doing that at the end of the detail.
Next step on the list was the engine and wheels/tires.
Thankfully the break dust on this Mazda is nothing like the German cars I normally work on.
While the car was pretty dirty, it wasn’t too bad. After all the “dirty” work
I gave the car 2 foam baths followed by claying.
The car was pulled inside to be dried and I also managed to do a little polishing
on a test spot before I left. Wool pad and HD UNO is going to be the first stage.
The orange pad couldn’t cut all the deeper scratches. Even after the wool pad the paint looks real sharp.
Tomorrow I’ll be spending most of the day on the paint followed by all the little details to complete the car.